稀有度 3Rarity-3 - 4Rarity-4
職業 獵人
主要功能 物理傷害
性別 女‎
類別 人系
No. 107, 108
信賴度獎勵 [[亂擊]]


資料 编辑


稀有度 HP MP 攻擊 防禦 魔力 精神 攻擊數 攻擊掉落 經驗值模式
3Rarity-3 1277 67 62 54 54 56 1 4 LB 3
4Rarity-4 1648 87 80 70 70 73 1 8 LB 3

耐性 编辑

Icon-Fire Resistance Icon-Ice Resistance Icon-Lightning Resistance Icon-Water Resistance Icon-Wind Resistance Icon-Earth Resistance Icon-Light Resistance Icon-Dark Resistance
- - - - - - - -
Icon-Poison Resistance Icon-Blind Resistance Icon-Sleep Resistance Icon-Silence Resistance Icon-Paralysis Resistance Icon-Confuse Resistance Icon-Disease Resistance Icon-Petrification Resistance
- - - - - - - -

裝備 编辑

Equip-Bow Equip-Gun
Equip-Hat Equip-Clothes Equip-Accessory
稀有度 能力槽數 等級
3Rarity-3 2 Affinity-White Lvl 2, Affinity-Green Lvl 1
4Rarity-4 3 Affinity-White Lvl 3, Affinity-Green Lvl 2

固有能力 编辑

特殊 编辑

稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果 MP
3Rarity-3 1 Ability 40 狙擊 攻擊一名敵人(1.2x) 3
4Rarity-4 20 Ability 84 隱蔽身形 不易被敵人攻擊(50%) -
4Rarity-4 48 Ability 40 援護 1回合之後攻擊全體敵人(1.2x) 7
4Rarity-4 60 Ability 79 亡獸 提高對獸人系魔物的傷害(50%) -

魔法 编辑

稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果 MP
3Rarity-3 1 Ability 2 窺伺探測 查看一名敵人的情報 1
3Rarity-3 13 Ability 3 復明 治療一名隊員的失明狀態 3
3Rarity-3 13 Ability 3 解毒 治療一名隊員的中毒狀態 3
3Rarity-3 25 Ability 4 療傷 恢復1名隊員的HP (150HP, 3x) 3


稀有度 名稱 效果
3Rarity-3 銳箭淋浴 最低: 攻擊全體敵人造成物理傷害 (1.8x)
最高: 攻擊全體敵人造成物理傷害 (2.25x)
4Rarity-4 霜凍射擊 最低: 攻擊全體敵人造成物理傷害 (2x)
最高: 攻擊全體敵人造成物理傷害 (2.7x)


稀有度 素材1 素材2 素材3 素材4 素材5
4Rarity-4 Icon-Beast Meat戰獸之肉 (20) Icon-Esper Cryst魔幻結晶 (10) Icon-Seed of Life生命種子 (8) Icon-Earth's Core大地凝晶 (3) Icon-Sacred Crystal神幻結晶 (3)

各階段 编辑

3Rarity-3 4Rarity-4
Unit-Luna-3 Unit-Luna-4

背景故事 编辑

3Rarity-3 A hunter who once lived in the forest. Luna's beauty and infallible accuracy with the bow led many to believe she was actually a wood spirit. In truth, she had been abandoned in the forest as a child and then raised by a hermit who taught her how to hunt. Not accustomed to human speech, her inability to communicate only added to her exotic mystique.
4Rarity-4 A forest girl once believed to be a wood spirit who fought with a bow. Luna's mysticism was alluring, and though her pure heart feared what lay beyond the forest, she was equally as curious about the human world. Having spent her whole life in the woods, her spirit now travels the globe as a vision, finally free to indulge her unbounded curiosity.

備註 编辑


  • 可獲得自稀有召喚