稀有度 5Rarity-5 - 6Rarity-6
職業 魔晄戰士
主要功能 物理傷害
獲得方式 稀有召喚
期間限定 不是
國際版專屬 不是
性別 男‎
類別 人系
No. 906, 907
信賴獎勵 正宗正宗
能力:雙手持八刀一閃 (賽菲羅斯 專屬)



資料 编辑


稀有度 HP MP 攻擊 防禦 魔力 精神 攻擊數 攻擊掉落 經驗值模式
5Rarity-5 2826 132 123 100 109 105 3 4 LB 6
6Rarity-6 3674 172 160 130 142 137 3 4 LB 6

最高數據 (使用罐突破界限) 编辑

稀有度 HP MP 攻擊 防禦 魔力 精神
5Rarity-5 240 40 24 16 16 16
6Rarity-6 390 65 34 26 26 26

耐性 编辑

Icon-Fire Resistance Icon-Ice Resistance Icon-Lightning Resistance Icon-Water Resistance Icon-Wind Resistance Icon-Earth Resistance Icon-Light Resistance Icon-Dark Resistance
- - - - - - - -
Icon-Poison Resistance Icon-Blind Resistance Icon-Sleep Resistance Icon-Silence Resistance Icon-Paralysis Resistance Icon-Confuse Resistance Icon-Disease Resistance Icon-Petrification Resistance
- - - - - - - -

裝備 编辑

Equip-Sword Equip-Great Sword Equip-Katana Equip-Fist
Equip-Hat Equip-Helm Equip-Clothes Equip-Light Armor Equip-Heavy Armor Equip-Accessory
稀有度 能力槽數 魔法等級
5Rarity-5 4 Affinity-White Lvl 7, Affinity-Black Lvl 7
6Rarity-6 4 Affinity-White Lvl 8, Affinity-Black Lvl 8

專屬裝備能力 编辑

圖示 名稱 類型 效果
Icon-Masamune 正宗 攻擊+150
能力:雙手持八刀一閃 (賽菲羅斯 專屬)

固有能力 编辑

特殊 编辑

稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果 段數 MP
5Rarity-5 14 Ability 38 獄門 對1名敵人施加致死一擊 (40%)或是物理攻擊 (2.8x) 1 16
5Rarity-5 27 Ability 53 虛空 攻擊全體敵人 (3.6x) 3 45
6Rarity-6 14 Ability 53 天舞輪迴斬 攻擊1名敵人 (4.8x)
並降低光、暗屬性耐性 (60%) 3回合
7 45
6Rarity-6 29 Ability 39 黑色魔晶石 對全體敵人發動無視精神 (50%)的魔法攻擊 (1.8x)
並降低光、暗屬性耐性 (70%) 2回合
1 60
6Rarity-6 56 Ability 53 一陣 攻擊1名敵人 (5x) 12 45
6Rarity-6 77 Ability 4 重聚 自身恢復HP (10000) /MP (150)
自身獲得極限技石 (10-14)
將自身的物理攻擊賦予暗屬性 10回合
- 60
6Rarity-6 100 Ability 53 天照 對1名敵人發動無視部分防禦 (50%)的攻擊 (2.7x) 16 54
稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果
5Rarity-5 1 Ability 19 傑諾瓦細胞 失明, 麻痺, 混亂, 生病無效
5Rarity-5 43 Ability 41 煉獄引爆的衝動 當HP高於40%時,一定機率 (50%)避免陷入瀕死狀態 (最多3次)
5Rarity-5 69 Ability 53 刀之奧義 裝備時提高攻擊 (50%)
5Rarity-5 80 Ability 77 傳說中的戰士 提高HP/MP (50%)、攻擊/防禦/魔力/精神 (30%)
6Rarity-6 1 Ability 91 反向能量 戰鬥中每回合恢復HP (60 HP, 1.2x)
戰鬥中每回合恢復MP (5%)
戰鬥中每回合獲取極限技石 (1)
6Rarity-6 38 Ability 68 閃光 受到物理攻擊時一定機率 (50%)使用閃光攻擊全體敵人 (2x) (最多1次)
6Rarity-6 89 Ability 77 被行星選中的人 HP低於1%時,提高攻擊 (150%) 3回合
提高物理攻擊對人系魔物的傷害 (75%)
提高魔法攻擊對人系魔物的傷害 (75%)
條件 名稱 效果 段數 MP
閃光 (FFVII)
閃光 攻擊全體敵人 (2x) 1 -

魔法 编辑

稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果 段數 MP
5Rarity-5 1 Ability 4 超療傷 恢復全體隊員的HP (1000 HP, 3.4x) - 15
5Rarity-5 23 Ability 1 大復活 使1名隊員從無法戰鬥狀態中完全復活 (100% HP) - 20

極限技 编辑

稀有度 名稱 效果 段數 消耗
5Rarity-5 獨翼天使 最低 對全體敵人發動無視部分防禦 (50%) 的攻擊 (4.3x)
降低光、暗屬性耐性 (65%) 3回合
1 30 LB
最高 對全體敵人發動無視部分防禦 (50%) 的攻擊 (5.25x)
降低光、暗屬性耐性 (84%) 3回合
6Rarity-6 獨翼天使 最低 對全體敵人發動無視部分防禦 (50%) 的攻擊 (4.8x)
降低光、暗屬性耐性 (76%) 3回合
1 36 LB
最高 對全體敵人發動無視部分防禦 (50%) 的攻擊 (6x)
降低光、暗屬性耐性 (100%) 3回合

覺醒素材 编辑

Icon-Calamity Gem災禍的封神珠 (20)
Icon-Prismatic Horn神獸的極彩角 (10)
Icon-Fairies' Writ妖精王密書 (10)
Icon-Rainbow Bloom樂園的幻虹花 (5)
Icon-Divine Crystal神魔王結晶 (5)

各星等 编辑

5Rarity-5 6Rarity-6
Unit-Sephiroth-5 Unit-Sephiroth-6



5★ A legendary member of SOLDIER who was once admired as a hero. Sephiroth possesses superhuman strength, which helped him amass numerous victories during the Wutai campaign. As he was already a member of Shinra's most elite forces before the war, his accomplishments helped him rise even higher—to the rank of First Class. Although he has inspired many people to join Shinra's army, only a select few pass the rigorous test to become part of SOLDIER.
6★ A legendary member of SOLDIER who was once admired as a hero. Sephiroth wields Masamune, a katana much longer than he is tall, with incredible ease. He has charmed many a person with his long silver hair, his uniquely-colored eyes, and his dramatic way of casting aside his longcoat before diving into battle. Though he was declared to have been killed in action some years ago, he suddenly begins appearing in front of Cloud and his companions.


5★ Are you going to participate in the Reunion?
Jenova will, and become a scourge that descends from the skies.
6★ All the Planet's wisdom...its knowledge...
I will meld with it all. I will become one with it... It will become one with me.


6★ I'm far superior to the Ancients. And soon, I will create the future.


5★ Ha, ha, ha... I am the chosen one.
I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet.
6★ Don't you get it? The Jenova Project was formed to create people with the powers of the Ancients...and I am the product of it.


I am always by your side.
I will give meaning to your existence.

評價 编辑

備註 编辑


  • Final Fantasy VII 的主要BOSS