能力覺醒素材 编辑

類型 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5
白魔法 Icon-White Alcryst白色晶石 Icon-White Milcryst白色中晶石 Icon-White Heavicryst白色大晶石 Icon-White Giancryst白色超晶石 Icon-White Purecryst白色神晶石
黑魔法 Icon-Black Alcryst黑色晶石 Icon-Black Milcryst黑色中晶石 Icon-Black Heavicryst黑色大晶石 Icon-Black Giancryst黑色超晶石 Icon-Black Purecryst黑色神晶石
綠魔法 Icon-Green Alcryst綠色晶石 Icon-Green Milcryst綠色中晶石 Icon-Green Heavicryst綠色大晶石 Icon-Green Giancryst綠色超晶石 Icon-Green Purecryst綠色神晶石
「攻擊」類能力 Icon-Power Alcryst攻擊晶石 Icon-Power Milcryst攻擊中晶石 Icon-Power Heavicryst攻擊大晶石 Icon-Power Giancryst攻擊超晶石 Icon-Power Purecryst攻擊神晶石
「防禦」類能力 Icon-Guard Alcryst防禦晶石 Icon-Guard Milcryst防禦中晶石 Icon-Guard Heavicryst防禦大晶石 Icon-Guard Giancryst防禦超晶石 Icon-Guard Purecryst防禦神晶石
「恢復」類能力 Icon-Healing Alcryst治癒晶石 Icon-Healing Milcryst治癒中晶石 Icon-Healing Heavicryst治癒大晶石 Icon-Healing Giancryst治癒超晶石 Icon-Healing Purecryst治癒神晶石
「輔助」類能力 Icon-Support Alcryst支援晶石 Icon-Support Milcryst支援中晶石 Icon-Support Heavicryst支援大晶石 Icon-Support Giancryst支援超晶石 Icon-Support Purecryst支援神晶石
「其他」類能力 Icon-Tech Alcryst技巧晶石 Icon-Tech Milcryst技巧中晶石 Icon-Tech Heavicryst技巧大晶石 Icon-Tech Giancryst技巧超晶石 Icon-Tech Purecryst技巧神晶石

取得方式 编辑

  • 劇情活動:T1-T5
    • 每月會舉辦1次劇情活動,能較易取得T4與T5。
    • 挑戰獎勵是T1-T5的素材。
    • 魔物會掉落T1-T4的素材。
  • 莫古力王活動:T4-T5
    • 每月會舉辦1-2次莫古力王活動
    • 素材的花費較高,而且有限量。
  • 晶石之間:T1-T4

There might also be other events, bundle, and promotion to give out these materials, but those 3 are the most regular way to obtain them.

T5 is used for the stronger abilities, and is the most limiting factor of ability awakening, as they cannot be farmed in any way. They are obtained mostly from events only. How many stronger ability awakenings you can potentially do depends on how many T5 you are given.

T4 is there to be farmed, as they are usually not given in enough quantity to match the number of stronger ability awakenings you can potentially do. You may farm them from story event or Chamber of Gems. They are very rare, and it's unknown if Treasure Hunter or Master Thief increases the drop rate. More research on this matter needed.

It has been datamined that the Chamber of Gems has 3 separate loot tables:

  • Loot = T1-T2
  • Rare Loot = T3-T4
  • Unique Loot = None

Based on the game's description of Treasure Hunter: Boosts the rate of items dropped by enemies and the game's description of Master Thief: Boosts the rate of rare items dropped by enemies, it can be concluded that Treasure Hunter will increase T1-T2 drop rate while Master Thief will increase T3-T4. See an ongoing test found on the Chamber of Gems page for the statistics and proof.

T1-T3 are mostly useless filler. They are very common, and will be obtained in enough quantity either from events or by farming T4.

覺醒列表 编辑

日期 覺醒兵員
11/16/2017 維魯赫魯姆涼爽魔人菲娜海邊的菲娜夏因劍士曲藝士竊賊
10/19/2017 皇帝入神蒂娜惡魔雷因吸血鬼拉斯韋爾白魔女菲娜黑貓里德加蘭德萊昂哈特
09/07/2017 阿格莉亞絲夏洛特加夫加利安吉爾伽美什疾風凱夫卡露露卡葵因蒂娜
08/17/2017 艾迪恩格蕾斯瑪麗普利姆蘭迪索蕾莜波波伊菲娜
07/20/2017 路涅斯暗黑騎士塞西爾塞西爾羅莎艾克斯迪司蕾菲雅
06/15/2017 艾爾莎艾斯弗利奧尼爾傑科卡爾榭莉雅暗黑之雲
05/11/2017 魔人菲娜千鶴巴茲迪利塔霍普班尼拉拉斯韋爾尼科爾嘉妮特凱因冰雪
04/12/2017 雷光梅塞德絲瑟溫梅迪亞斯庫加里德雷因菲娜可露兒羅塞莉亞