稀有度 3Rarity-3 - 5Rarity-5
職業 拂曉血盟
主要功能 物理傷害、坦
性別 男‎
類別 人系
No. 487, 488, 489
信賴度獎勵 追隨者的誓言




資料 编辑


稀有度 HP MP 攻擊 防禦 魔力 精神 攻擊數 攻擊掉落 經驗值模式
3Rarity-3 1300 65 57 55 52 52 2 3 LB 4
4Rarity-4 1690 86 77 72 68 68 2 4 LB 4
5Rarity-5 2199 113 109 94 89 89 2 5 LB 4

最高數據 (使用罐突破界限) 编辑

稀有度 HP MP 攻擊 防禦 魔力 精神
3Rarity-3 180 30 12 12 12 12
4Rarity-4 240 40 16 16 16 16
5Rarity-5 300 50 20 20 20 20

耐性 编辑

Icon-Fire Resistance Icon-Ice Resistance Icon-Lightning Resistance Icon-Water Resistance Icon-Wind Resistance Icon-Earth Resistance Icon-Light Resistance Icon-Dark Resistance
- - - - - - - -
Icon-Poison Resistance Icon-Blind Resistance Icon-Sleep Resistance Icon-Silence Resistance Icon-Paralysis Resistance Icon-Confuse Resistance Icon-Disease Resistance Icon-Petrification Resistance
- - - - - - - -

裝備 编辑

Equip-Dagger Equip-Sword Equip-Great Sword Equip-Katana Equip-Harp Equip-Throwing
Equip-Light Shield Equip-Heavy Shield Equip-Hat Equip-Helm Equip-Clothes Equip-Light Armor Equip-Accessory
稀有度 能力槽數 魔法等級
3Rarity-3 2 Affinity-White Lvl 2, Affinity-Green Lvl 2
4Rarity-4 3 Affinity-White Lvl 3, Affinity-Green Lvl 3
5Rarity-5 4 Affinity-White Lvl 4, Affinity-Green Lvl 4

專屬武器 编辑

圖片 名稱 類型 效果
Icon-Ul'dahn Falchion 黃砂彎刃刀 攻擊 +70、HP +10%防禦 +10%
Icon-Scion Thief's Tunic 血盟盜賊束腰衣 輕甲 攻擊 +8、防禦 +25、HP +10%攻擊+10%
Icon-Scion Thief's Halfgloves 血盟盜賊半指手套 首飾 攻擊 +10、HP +5%

固有能力 编辑

特殊 编辑

稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果 段數 MP
3Rarity-3 4 Ability 54 先鋒劍 攻擊1名敵人 (1.5x) 1 10
3Rarity-3 8 Ability 63 預見 提高發動者防禦的數值 (30%) 5回合 - 15
3Rarity-3 18 Ability 94 閃光 暫時性容易被敵人攻擊 (70%) 3回合 - 8
3Rarity-3 40 Ability 6 浴血 Hybrid damage (1.4x) to one enemy
Hybrid damage (0.8x) with HP drain (30%) to one enemy
4Rarity-4 14 Ability 63 Fight or Flight 提高發動者攻擊的數值 (30%) 5回合 - 15
4Rarity-4 48 Ability 54 Savage Blade Physical damage (1.5x) to one enemy
(Used after Fast Blade) Physical damage (3x) to one enemy
1 25
4Rarity-4 60 Ability 97 Perfect Dodge 發動者可在3回合內防住2次攻擊 - 12
5Rarity-5 54 Ability 4 Goad Recover HP (500) and MP (20) to all allies except caster - 12
5Rarity-5 72 Ability 19 鋼鐵意志 發動者中毒盲目無效 3回合 - 16
5Rarity-5 80 Ability 10 厄運流轉 攻擊全體敵人 (1.8x) + 中毒(50%) 1 35
稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果
3Rarity-3 32 Ability 97 飄羽步 一定機率閃避物理攻擊 (20%)

極限技 编辑

稀有度 名稱 效果 段數 Cost
3Rarity-3 戰女神之怒

  || 攻擊1名敵人 (2.3x)

+ 停止 (30%) 3回合

  || 攻擊1名敵人 (2.75x)

+ 停止 (39%) 3回合
7 10 LB
4Rarity-4 戰女神之怒

  || 攻擊1名敵人 (2.5x)

+ 停止 (40%) 3回合

  || 攻擊1名敵人 (3.2x)

+ 停止 (54%) 3回合
7 12 LB
5Rarity-5 戰女神之怒

  || 攻擊1名敵人 (2.7x)

+ 停止 (50%) 3回合

  || 攻擊1名敵人 (3.65x)

+ 停止 (69%) 3回合
7 14 LB

覺醒素材 编辑

稀有度 4Rarity-4 5Rarity-5
素材 1 Icon-Beast Meat戰獸之肉 (25) Icon-Crimson Tear深紅之淚 (20)
素材 2 Icon-Crimson Tear深紅之淚 (10) Icon-Deepsea Bloom深海魔花 (10)
素材 3 Icon-Deepsea Bloom深海魔花 (5) Icon-Dragon Heart巨龍的心臟 (5)
素材 4 Icon-Esper Cryst魔幻結晶 (15) Icon-Sacred Crystal神幻結晶 (10)
素材 5 Icon-Swordsmanship Notes劍士戰術書 (5) Icon-Swordsmanship Notes劍士戰術書 (5)

各星等 编辑

3Rarity-3 4Rarity-4 5Rarity-5






3★ A Hyur hailing from Eorzea who appears in the tales of the world of Hydaelyn. Although he claims to be a wandering bard, Thancred is actually one of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and heads an investigation being conducted in the desert city of Ul'dah. While a smooth-talker with a fondness for women off the field, the way he effectively overwhelms his opponents in battle shows no signs of delicacy. In the past, he lived as a thief on the streets of Limsa Liminsa until he met a sage by the name of Louisoix who persuaded him to turn his life around.
4★ A Hyur hailing from Eorzea who appears in the tales of the world of Hydaelyn. Thancred and the leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Minfilia, have been friends since she was a child, and he served as the connection between her and the sage Louisoix. When Thancred became much too involved in his investigation of the disciples of darkness known as the Ascians and the dark crystals connected to them, he became possessed by the Ascian known as Lahabrea. This unfortunately forced him to lead the rest of his comrades to great peril.
5★ A Hyur hailing from Eorzea who appears in the tales of the world of Hydaelyn. Thancred is a man who enjoys chatting up the ladies, but has no qualms about raising his blade against the enemy to put the fighting skills he learned as part of the underground world of Limsa Liminsa to good use. He is well-known in Ul'dah, where he worked gathering rare materials required for the creation of magical instruments. Incidentally, his run ins with various women have lead to some heated arguments.


3★ Leave it to me!
I can't go without showing off what
I've got from time to time!
4★ Phew, so busy...
I guess that's what comes
with being so popular, eh?
5★ I need to get more powerful
so that I can protect everyone!


4★ You know, we can't just sit around
showing off all day.
I must protect the Dawn Warriors.
5★ Sorry for the wait!
Now the real fight begins!


3★ Is this a date request?
If it's with a beautiful lady,
I'll gladly accept.
4★ To meet you in a place like this...
Was it by chance... Or is it fate?
5★ The words of love vary wherever you go.
I wonder what kind of poems
the women of this world prefer...?


What a greedy one, hanging on to me.
No worries, allow me then
to be your escort moving forth!

其他資訊 编辑