稀有度 3Rarity-3 - 4Rarity-4
職業 機械師
主要功能 物理傷害, 支援
性別 男‎
類別 人系
No. 93, 94
信賴度獎勵 [[破械]]


資料 编辑


稀有度 HP MP 攻擊 防禦 魔力 精神 攻擊數 攻擊掉落 經驗值模式
3Rarity-3 1547 70 64 59 55 56 3 2 LB 3
4Rarity-4 1996 90 83 76 71 73 3 3 LB 3

耐性 编辑

Icon-Fire Resistance Icon-Ice Resistance Icon-Lightning Resistance Icon-Water Resistance Icon-Wind Resistance Icon-Earth Resistance Icon-Light Resistance Icon-Dark Resistance
- - - - - - - -
Icon-Poison Resistance Icon-Blind Resistance Icon-Sleep Resistance Icon-Silence Resistance Icon-Paralysis Resistance Icon-Confuse Resistance Icon-Disease Resistance Icon-Petrification Resistance
- - - - - - - -

裝備 编辑

Equip-Short Sword Equip-Sword Equip-Throwing Equip-Gun
Equip-Light Shield Equip-Hat Equip-Helm Equip-Clothes Equip-Light Armor Equip-Accessory
稀有度 能力槽數 等級
3Rarity-3 2 Affinity-White Lvl 2, Affinity-Black Lvl 2, Affinity-Green Lvl 2
4Rarity-4 3 Affinity-White Lvl 3, Affinity-Black Lvl 3, Affinity-Green Lvl 3

固有能力 编辑

特殊 编辑

稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果 MP
3Rarity-3 7 Ability 52 自動弩槍 攻擊 (1.3x) 全體敵人 3
3Rarity-3 15 Ability 24 毒化射線 對全體敵人發動暗屬性魔法攻擊(1.3x)加中毒(50%) 12
3Rarity-3 34 Ability 70 藥理知識 恢復道具的恢復量變為2倍 -
4Rarity-4 26 Ability 52 強光照射器 魔法攻擊全體敵人(1.2x)加失明(30%) 6
4Rarity-4 48 Ability 52 鑽頭 對1名敵人發動無視防禦(25%)的攻擊(1.6x) 9
4Rarity-4 60 Ability 52 回轉電鋸 對全體敵人發動無視防禦(25%)的攻擊(1.4x) 12


稀有度 名稱 效果
3Rarity-3 費加羅最棒 最低: 攻擊1名敵人(2x)
最高: 攻擊1名敵人(2.45x)
4Rarity-4 王牌機械師 最低: 攻擊1名敵人(2.2x)
最高: 攻擊1名敵人(2.9x)


稀有度 素材1 素材2 素材3 素材4 素材5
4Rarity-4 Icon-Allure Powder魅惑之沙 (20) Icon-Esper Cryst魔幻結晶 (10) Icon-Quality Parts優質部件 (8) Icon-Earth's Core大地凝晶 (3) Icon-Sacred Crystal神幻結晶 (3)

各階段 编辑

3Rarity-3 4Rarity-4
Unit-Edgar-3 Unit-Edgar-4

背景故事 编辑

3Rarity-3 A young man whose story is sung in a tale of espers and humans, from a distant world. King of the technologically advanced nation of Figaro and a brilliant engineer in his own right, he wields numeral unusual weapons of his own design. He is greatly beloved by his people, whose best interest he always keeps closest to his heart. He is also notorious as a ladies' man, quick to make advances on women of all ages and walks of life.
4Rarity-4 A young man whose story is sung in a tale of espers and humans, from a distant world. King of the desert nation of Figaro, he is famed throughout the realm as a brilliant engineer and an equally shameless flirt. While maintaining a surface alliance with the Gestahlian Empire to protect his people, he secretly works with the Returners, awaiting the perfect moment to strike back at the evil regime. Upon encountering the young 蒂娜 and her prodigious magical powers, his battle with the Empire begins in earnest.

備註 编辑


  • 可獲得自稀有召喚