Unit-Trust Moogle-5
稀有度 1Rarity-1 - 5Rarity-5
職業 強化用兵員
主要功能 強化用兵員
性別 其他‎
類別 精靈系
No. 302, 338, 339, 560
信賴獎勵 -



各星等 编辑

1Rarity-1 3Rarity-3 4Rarity-4 5Rarity-5
Unit-Trust Moogle-1 Unit-Trust Moogle-3 Unit-Trust Moogle-4 Unit-Trust Moogle-5

背景故事 编辑

1Rarity-1 A moogle holding a mysterious crystal. The crystal seems to hold within itself a mysterious power that connects the hearts of people. Since the crystal it holds is still small, it is thought that the trust moogle holding it is still weak, and still in training itself. However, it feels more strongly than anyone for those who search for the power of trust, and every day it earnestly does its best to carry out its job as well as it possibly can.
3Rarity-3 懷抱巨大結晶體的莫古利。結晶體中寄宿著可以連接人與人內心的不可思議的力量。相傳牠會出現在渴望更強羈絆之力的人面前,然而牠十分反覆無常,根本無法預知何時會出現。人們暗自推測牠們和居住於異界的莫古利之間的聯繫,可是由於幾乎沒有人遇到過信賴度莫古利,所以相關的調查一直處於停滯狀態。
4Rarity-4 A moogle holding a shiny crystal. The crystal is filled with mysterious power that brings people together. It is said to appear to those who call out for the power of trust, however it rarely ever appears. It seems that there's a pecking order even among Trust Moogles, with some saying, "The moogle with the best looking crystal is the smartest, kupo!" However, outsiders would be hard-pressed to tell the difference.
5Rarity-5 A moogle that carry a dazzling crystal. The crystal itself is said to be composed of the mystical forces that connect the hearts of people. Trust Moogles are so rare that they may turn heads even within the moogle community itself, so to encounter on is considered quite auspicious. Trust Moogles do not search for these special crystals as a hobby, not even as part of their training, but as the foremost task of their very purpose in life: to strengthen the bonds between people. Thus, should they encounter someone worthy of receiving a crystal, they will hand it over freely and without qualm.

備註 编辑

  • 1Rarity-1信賴度莫古利可提升兵員的信賴度(1%)
  • 3Rarity-3信賴度莫古利可提升特定兵員的信賴度(5%)
  • 4Rarity-4信賴度莫古利可提升兵員的信賴度(5%)
  • 5Rarity-5信賴度莫古利可提升兵員的信賴度(10%)

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